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What happens when we combined Ichimoku and Fibonacci? We get a powerful trend pullback strategy which makes it much safer for us to follow a trend. For trend trading, the Ichimoku trading system is no doubt one of the most widely accepted trading system.

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FREE DOWNLOAD Top 3 Best Successful Fibonacci Trading Systems and Strategy – This strategy named after a famous Italian mathematician is one of the most popularly used forex trading strategy in the forex market.

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How to Interpret the chart with Abonacci Power3 Template - YouTube

Fibonacci numbers play a critical role in the formation of the harmonic patterns, so it’s important to have an understanding of both.

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This is a Fibonacci-based system that I have traded for the last year, with very reasonable success Its main logic is Fibonacci Retracement to 38.2% of the size of the Trend. Price needs to trend, creating a steep slope and a sharp move. I also post various articles about using Fibonacci in trading.

Abonacci trading system:

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Overall: 97 Rates

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