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How MACD Indicator can Count Elliott Wave Forex Trading Strategies

Even if you never delve further into Elliott Wave theory, the concept of impulsive and corrective waves will aid your trading. It is a sustained move in one direction with most of the price bars all moving in that one direction. Since the impulse was to the upside, this is the direction to trade.

How to Trade Forex Using Elliott Waves -

Last week we learned about the basic tenants of Elliott Wave Theory including the wave structure and patterns.

How MACD Indicator can Count <em>Elliott</em> <em>Wave</em> <em>Forex</em> Trading Strategies

Elliott Wave Theory in Forex Trading to Follow Trends -

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Elliot Wave Strategy - Advanced Forex Strategies

A couple of weeks ago we published an article where we explained how the Elliot Wave Theory was developed and how it worked.

Forex elliott wave strategy:

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