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Maven Versioning Strategy - Kyle Lieber

If dependencies are specified too loosely, you will inevitably be bitten by version promiscuity (assuming compatibility with more future versions than is reasonable).

Strategy - Android Apps on Google Play

A random version numbering system creates confusion and will soon or later cause deployment risks. NET assemblies that use the common language runtime is done at the assembly level.

<i>Versioning</i> Numbering Concepts - The Apache Portable Runtime.

WCF Backward Compatibility and Versioning Strategies – Part 3.

Once services are pushed to production their associated WSDL documents – which represent service endpoints, protocols and related contracts describing operations and messaging – must not be changed.

Building your app version defense strategy – Part I - Josh

Instead, you (the developer) are responsible for enforcing version restrictions within your application or by informing users of the version restrictions and limitations.

App versioning strategy:

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