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Top 10 Tips For Successful Stock

Jul 26, 2016What percentage of the time do you think a trader needs to have winning trades in order to be consistently profitable over the long-term? Read on to learn why…As a newbie stock trader in the late 1990’s, I was convinced one needed to have a win rate of at least 70-80% in order to make a successful living trading the stock market. The answer simply comes down to understanding that…To bring home the bacon as a trader, one only needs to What is the net result of those 10 roundtrip trades with “only” a 50% win rate?

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These ‘Top Guns’ of the trading world leave obvious clues all over the financial pages. But, it’s the smart trader who waits until the odds are 10-to-1 in his/her favour. I understand your trading challenges, your fears, your hope, your needs, and your pain. If you haven’t made the kind of money you want, and you’re still confused about which way to go, read on…

What are the profitable <strong>strategies</strong> for <strong>successful</strong> share <strong>market</strong> <strong>trading</strong>.

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It is a strategy that most professional investors rely on and most other investors hope to replicate.

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The truth is, the very best stock market strategies are the ones that have some cal analysis to them. The traders that use news or TV pundits' recommendations still need some form of cal analysis to profit.

Successful stock market trading strategies:

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