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Not only are you making decisions alone that will affect your child’s life forever, you can be 100 percent financially responsible for them. Republicans want to punish new single mothers by making their lives even harder. A child without a birth certificate can be barred from public schools and universities, any hope of ever receiving financial assistance, getting a passport, and even getting a driver’s license.

WTF New Single Moms Would Be

Everyone knows that it is really hard to be a single mother.

WTF New Single Moms Would Be

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In the latest issue Top Gear BBC (Cars of the Year, 2014 Edition), it is being reported that the 2017 F-150 Raptor has been producing closer to 600HP with the new 3.5L Eco Boost (Eco Beast? Now, we don’t expect Ford to release a 600-HP factory Raptor, but we are certain that Ford has been testing the capabilities of this truck – because they know the typical Raptor owner is not going to leave the truck stock.

Copy FX Trade AutoCopy Trade Forex Copy Copy forex traders

Concept of the copy trading is that a newbie trader or investor may select experienced traders, connect to their strategies and copy their trades in an automatic mode into his or her personal brokerage account.

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